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It never fails! Your air conditioning or heating system always breaks down when you need it most. To help prevent this, we highly recommend and offer Tier 1 Comfort Group air conditioning and heating tune-ups & Preventive Maintenance Protection Plan Service Agreements. With this agreement, you are now considered a Preferred Customer which entitles you priority status and 24/7 service!


A well maintained system offers you maximum efficiency and performance, reduced operating costs, minimizes unexpected and costly breakdowns and increases reliability and equipment life. Becoming a Tier 1 Comfort Group Member offers you regularly scheduled maintenance which includes discounted labor and material rates and establishes a working relationship with a professional company.


  • Maintenance agreement customers receive a very thorough comprehensive maintenance inspection twice per year. Our Tier 1 Comfort Group Members also get to recoup some of their preventative maintenance costs back by being eligible for our customer referral program! Any service call or Maintenance Agreement generated by you receives a $25 gift card, and system replacements generated by you receives a $100 gift card!

What's included for Tier 1 Comfort Group 24-point  system(s) Inspection:


  Indoor Unit : (Air Handler or Furnace)

          ⌂ Clean/Replace Air Filter(s)

          ⌂ Inspect Evaporator Coil (Clean during fall visit)

          ⌂ Inspect High/Low voltage wiring insulation & connections (Tighten if needed)

          ⌂ Inspect Blower Amp Draw _____ Amps. 100% Max Amp Rating ______

          ⌂ Inspect Blower Run Cap Component ____uF. 100% capacitance @_____uF

          ⌂ Inspect Blower Wheel balance & alignment

          ⌂ Test Air Handler Emergency Heat. ____kw @ _____Rated Amps. Heating @____deg.

          ⌂ Inspect Furnace Burners

          ⌂ Test & Inspect Furnace Safety Shut-Off Valve

          ⌂ Test & Inspect Furnace Combustion System for Efficiency & Proper Ventilation.

          ⌂ Inspect & Clean Primary & Secondary Drain Lines

          ⌂ Test & Inspect Condensate Overflow Safety Switch (Ceiling Saver Alarm)


  Outdoor Unit : (A/C or Heat Pump)

          ⌂ Clean Condenser Coil if needed (Every spring regardless)

          ⌂ Inspect/Tighten all High Voltage connections, Breaker and/or Disconnect

          ⌂ Inspect/Tighten all Low Voltage communication connections

          ⌂ Test/Inspect Compressor/Fan Motors Run Capacitor ____uF, rated for____uF

          ⌂ Test all Electrical/Electronic Controls for correct operation

          ⌂ Inspect for noticeable oil or refrigerant leaks

          ⌂ Inspect Metering Device (TXV or Piston)

          ⌂ Inspect OD Fan Blade for alignment & balance

          ⌂ Inspect OD Starting Contactor for burn or pit marks

          ⌂ Test Systems ▲T for Overall System Performance

                           Cooling -Air Temp. Entering System: ____ Air Temp. Leaving System: _____

                                      Cooling Temp. Difference: _____

                                              *Ideal Temp. Difference is 16-21 degrees.

                           Heating -Air Temp. Entering System: ____ Air Temp. Leaving System: _____

                                      Heating Temp. Difference: _____

                                              *Heating Temp. Difference varies by system type.

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