The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

This is one of the many issues that can arise from not having the hvac system for your home or business maintained by a HVAC professional. During the summer months(especially here in Alabama) our homes experience high humidity levels due to the increased amounts of moisture in the outside air.

A HVAC system can remove 8+ gallons of moisture out of a home in a single day, and is disposed through a condensation drain line generally located near the outdoor unit. During a system maintenance by a HVAC professional the condensation line should always be cleared of built up debris to ensure it properly makes its way outside of the home! This particular business was fortunate enough to have a safety switch which disconnected power to the unit & thermostat so that it would not continue to create condensation, and alerted them that a professional was needed. Luckily they had minimal ceiling damage. Most systems, however, do not have a safety mechanism that will do such, resulting in an overflow that can cause significant ceiling damage. We love & value every one of our maintenance agreement members and will go above and beyond for any of them!

Being a “Tier 1 Club Member” includes:

  • 2 annual maintenance visits

  • Discounted repairs/service fees

  • NO overtime OR additional after hours fees

  • 24/7 emergency service

  • Discounted system upgrades

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